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At Nfojo, we consider trading model development—from creation, to backtesting, to evaluation—to be the core of our financial and portfolio consulting services. While the process to develop a preliminary trading model is relatively straightforward, our team’s hands-on marketplace experience and advanced trading knowledge can help you move past baseline technical indicators to a more rigorous model that maximizes profit potential.

Nfojo’s team can provide you with tailored analysis and ongoing support as you test your model and prepare to go live, including:

  • Identifying and verifying predictive trends
  • Model optimization for:
    • Brokerage Costs
    • Trade frequency
    • Risk management
    • Regulations


Nfojo’s dedicated finance team has worked on trading systems of various lengths and using all types of securities, including high-frequency trading, arbitrage or relative-value models, and models involving equities, fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities. Our finance and portfolio theorists have extensive expertise in quantitative trading model analysis and development, drawing on dual experience in academia and business.

Nfojo provides two distinct levels of model development and analysis consulting to independent traders and funds:

Existing models: For clients seeking to validate or re-specify an existing model, Nfojo can examine options to update your trading strategy in a robust way to make your model viable. We also consider similar models based on your original concept and propose specific modifications.

We’ve found that traders often make similar initial errors in the creation of trading systems, the largest of which is to engage in data snooping or excess mining, which can cause the results of their backtesting to be highly inaccurate. Our team of statisticians and finance theorists can perform robust backtesting for your model to avoid these pitfalls.

Most of the time, a client’s initial idea for a model may be valid, and the model itself just needs to be developed in a different fashion or updated to fit the current market landscape. Regardless of your specific needs, our team has the statistical consulting experience and tools to assist you in building a mathematically sound trading system.

New models: Our finance team has worked closely with traders who come to us with a broad idea for a trading model. We can assist traders at this early phase to take their concept and turn it into a unique trading model which meets their specifications and with robust profit potential.

Our customized support begins with the necessary research in the literature to identify a potential gap and collecting historical data for backtesting. Working from conceptualization, we first research previous work done with similar models, and then develop the parameters of a trading model to optimize your original idea.

No matter where you are in the process of creating a trading system, we can guide you through each step until your model is complete and operating in real time. Nfojo’s team provides intensive and ongoing support to ensure your model is robust—accounting for market efficiency and other determining factors—to maximize the probability of profit.