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At Nfojo, we have the expertise to help you evaluate your government, non-profit, or company program for process, performance, and impact. Whether you want to determine how best to measure outputs and outcomes, or if you need to identify the reasons for current levels of performance and impact, our team can design your evaluation to pinpoint what will best help your program or organization to exceed all expectations.

Our program evaluation consultants have extensive experience designing and implementing both formative (process) and summative (outcome) evaluations at the project, program, portfolio, and organization levels of analysis, for companies, government agencies, and non-profits. We can also help you determine the extent to which an evaluation of your project, program, portfolio, or organization is feasible or necessary.

We have substantial designing and implementing program evaluations for non-profits and government agencies implementing projects and programs aimed at addressing complex issues including homelessness, addiction, hunger, human trafficking, and mental illness.

Our program evaluation support includes any (or all) of the following aspects of your upcoming or ongoing evaluation:

  • Logic modeling
  • Feasibility study
  • Evaluation design
  • Evaluation analytics
  • Research centers and team science evaluation
  • Student mentoring