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If you want effective sports analytics you need statistical expertise. Our sports analysis team has provided statistical consulting and analysis services for wagering syndicates, fantasy sports providers, online sportsbooks, broadcast networks, and sports teams. Our emphasis on tailored analysis support has also led to fruitful partnerships with many private individuals and start-up businesses with independent wagering models and fantasy sports tools.

Our team draws on techniques common in various quantitative fields, including applied mathematics, game and decision theory, computer science, and economics, to work on projects with virtually any level of complexity.

Our sports analysis team has developed wagering models for many types of clients, and much of our statistical consulting has focused on direct methods of wagering, such as for sports wagering syndicates, horse racing syndicates, and large individual sports bettors.

Increasingly, bettors want to engage in specific wagers, such as how many points a basketball player scores in a given night. While these types of bets can be very profitable for sportsbooks, they pose unique challenges in terms of setting odds. Nfojo’s team has worked on setting the optimal line for hundreds of proposition bets, for virtually any situation, and we can offer this specialized support at the individual or syndicate level.