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Surveys are powerful tools to develop a better understanding of your customers, target audience, employees, and stakeholders. With a rigorously designed and implemented survey, firms, government agencies, and non-profits can harness invaluable information to help inform their strategic, financial, and operational decision making. However, if design and implementation aren’t optimal, survey research can lead to ill-informed decision making based on unreliable and invalid information, and with serious consequences for operations, performance, and competitive advantage.

Nfojo’s team can assist you with rigorous survey development and data analysis at any step of the process. Our survey development team will provide you with a customized approach based on your research goals, sampling frame, intended output, and, of course, timeline. We’ll develop a solution specific to your organization, your survey research needs, and your sector to provide statistical consulting and analysis support for the entire survey research process in:


Northern Belt (Upper West, Upper East, Savannah, North East and Northern Regions)     
Western Belt (Central, Western, North Western Regions)     
Eastern Belt (Volta, Oti & Eastern Regions)     
Middle Belt (Ashanti, Ahafo, Bono, Tano Regions)      
Greater Accra Belt (Greater Accra Region)

Online Platform Assistance: Over the past decade, more and more of our clients, particularly in the corporate sector, are choosing to implement survey research using online platforms. We are very familiar with the leading online survey tools, including SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Google Forms, and Zoomerang. If you plan to use any of these tools, we can help you input the survey into the tool for you so that you’re able to make optimal use of its data collection capabilities, as well as download and collate the data outputs once survey collection is complete. If you’re unsure of which survey tool to use, we can discuss your specific needs and goals, suggest which platform would best suit your study, and then manage the data collection process.

Pilot Testing: For clients designing an entirely new tool or making significant modifications to an existing instrument, we can help you design and then analyze data from a pilot study to test for preliminary reliability and validity. When your methodology and sampling plan are fully determined, our statisticians can perform a thorough pilot test to ensure that your survey is effective when it reaches your clients. To determine the significance of your pilot results, our analysts can check for various types of validity (such as discriminant, convergent, and concurrent validity) and reliability (such as split-half, Cronbach’s alpha, or test-retest reliability). We can also run confirmatory factor analyses with LISREL or AMOS, and can test for statistical power to establish the required sample size for your survey before you begin data collection.

Expertise in Statistical and Qualitative Analysis: After data collection is complete, our statistical consulting team can then conduct a full statistical analysis based on your chosen methodology. We are familiar with all of the standard quantitative methods most commonly used in evaluating survey research–and because of our unique positioning as experts in qualitative research and analysis, we can also explore the themes of any open-ended research questions, using the qualitative analysis packages NVivo, ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA, and Dedoose, among others.